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I'm sure some of you don't know the origin of this so let me explain it
quickly.  Pouty.... cannot... type... or spell... or both. In a fit of panic as a
mob goes shooting up a "column" Pouty yells GET TI OFF TEH CLUM!

This is all documented in one of my favorite things that ever came out of
Club Fu... and that would be the Pouty Valctionary.


!irOmg.wtf ;leareth ado'n am
ahichaehcae ahsye anjow
ankid aorrectly arweed
assassing assbox asshouse
bioxong boggs bring
brubgubg cakk caolcwvise
Civtory cleridics clum
cockwide coentm cotholic
cpr[se crall'ed crrtotong
cvlivking dddddddd1wwwwww deathnail
deferat discipoking dmaamge
doinjafoaad DOPSIFF dsfargeg
erros fack fiar
fifferent firls fjlsdjaf
Flast fpcworj fronzen
fucing GAROo Genuartintellism
ghey googogogoogo Gramle
guadirain haaga hgealk
hoa whore? Iess impamrentef
iumemfnrf ksd levitaint
lickwofl loin lokfgin
meldo mobd moke
nsager omerignot ooch
Opklesaencoitaion OTSFOME physciall
plipper plrsdR polease
posiible prcs pyykk
ragmalypse rikes rogolious
routhc rtequest Shaoyl
sip-ritu slek soicer
sologin speeasd starge
tangoan test tom
tpe tpred TROGGEROMG!
Tulaz UI ukes
unhitlabe vendwordicantspell Vrekks
vuenable warvocarnipire zopn
105 words